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Lead Revenue Cycle Representative – Insurance Verification Unit
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The Lead Insurance Verification Representative is directly responsible for the successful completion of all scheduled and unscheduled patient appointments: pre-registration, insurance eligibility and benefits verification, FSC assignment, and financial clearance. This position is responsible for independently resolving any insurance verification and financial clearance issue prior to an appointment; this involves contacting patients and insurance/third party payers to resolve eligibility and benefits issues and to initiate insurance appeals if necessary. This requires communicating with faculty practice managers, clinicians, staff and patients as needed and for discussing with patients: insurance benefits, insurance requirements, referrals, financial liability for physician services, and for securing method of payment. In addition to maintaining standard productivity levels the Lead Revenue Representative works closely with the Supervisor on assigned tasks.
  1. Coordinates all aspects of securing accounts to include pre-registration, eligibility and benefits, and financial clearance using on-line systems to update and verify patient demographic and payer information.
  2. Documents and updates all registration and financial data in the IDX system.Responsible for the correct identification and selection of appropriate insurance FSCs.Perform follow-up functions to correct deficiencies in data collection utilizing available systems such as ONTRAC®, eligibility systems, IDX, Eagle, and Ancillary systems.
  3. Performs new or updated patient registration by capturing accurate, complete patient data to comply with billing and regulatory agencies requirements (Title XXII, OSHPD, DHS, CMS mandatory requirements); request and document clinical information that supports the service requested ensuring compliance with federal and state laws.Document any financial clearance issues through collection-specific coding and account notes for billing and follow-up communication.
  4. Notifies patients about third party payer referral requirements discuss insurance benefits and patient liability; secure and document commitment for payment of patient liability, including payment options for deductibles, co-pays, or estimated full fees if appropriate.Discuss and document method of payment, and financially clear accounts when arrangements have been finalized.
  5. Obtains complete demographic and billing data collection from non-English speaking patients by arranging for Interpreting Services or other assistance as may be necessary to facilitate the completion of registration and financial clearance process.
  6. Responds to telephone inquiries related to registration practices, billing and insurance requirements and general services provided by Columbia University in different programs and locations. Assume responsibility for routing calls to appropriate individuals and departments within Columbia University or by obtaining the requested information and communicating the response to caller.
  7. Serves as primary liaison with insurance companies to verify eligibility and coordination of benefits, and resolve any insurance complications.
  8. Support and training of staff
  9. In the absence of supervisor monitors daily attendance
  10. Handles unit mail
  11. Monitors the units supply needs and flags shortages
  12. Helps complete and verifies daily/weekly outstanding work in progress reports
  13. Assists track and updates payment logs as needed
  14. Monitors unit’s printer/postage needs daily

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