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Executive Management
Tel: (212) 326-8462
Fax: (212) 326-8700
Judith Ruiz PHR
Executive Director, Administration & HR
Responsible for developing and executing overall company strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization. Human Resources, Benefits, Finance, Risk Management.
Erik Buckholz
Senior Director of Administration and Human Resources
Leads Human Resource function including policies, programs, functions, and activities. Helps facilitate the company's goals and objectives.
Tessa Bascombe
Director, HR & Operations
Oversight of Human Resources policies and procedures, HR New Hire Operations, Employee Relations, and Workers Compensation administration
Nicauly Gomez
Executive Assistant
Executive support to the Directors, Admin. office Administrative Lead
Elena Rodriguez
Administrative Assistant
Administrative support to Directors, Social Media Strategy
Human Resources
Tel: (212) 326-8462
Fax: (212) 326-8700
Gabriela Ceballos
Supervisor, HR Onboarding
Supervisor, Onboarding - Oversight of New hire orientation and training program, PCF system process
Patrick Paulino
HR Generalist, Org. Development & Training
Coordination of of training & development initiatives , employee compliance & communication efforts and HR process improvement initiatives.
Lynette Rodriguez-Gagedeen
Senior HR Specialist
HR Metrics & Turnover reporting, HR Special Projects, and HRIS System.
Sarah Auyeung
HR Operations Specialist
HR Policy support, Compensation, Position Requisition process , PCF Requests & New Hire Orientation.
Gabriani Bertrand
HR Onboarding Assistant
New Hire Orientation & Training Program
Demetrius McCray
HR Onboarding Assistant
New Hire Orientation & Training Program
Caressa Thompson
HR Onboarding Assistant
New Hire Orientation And Training Program.
Tel: (212) 326-3300
Fax: (212) 326-8700
Leticia Fuentes
Benefits Administrator
Overall oversight of the Benefits office daily operations. FMLA administration and Tuition Assistance Program.
Ysoris Amador
Benefits Analyst
Benefits compliance, open enrollment, benefit initiatives.
Benefits Specialist
General Benefits questions, FMLA process, Benefit enrollment process
Alice Fitzgerald
Benefits Associate
Day to Day Benefits office support, Benefits questions
Tel: (212) 326-3309
Fax: (212) 326-8855
Evrette Walcott
Payroll Manager
Day to day oversight of payroll operations and payroll processing.
Michele George Peters
Payroll Specialist
Payroll processes and processing.
Manuela Middleton
Payroll Specialist
Payroll processes and processing.
Anthony Beasley
Paroll Associate
Payroll processes and processing
General Finance
Tel: (212) 326-8851
Manager, Financial Reporting & Systems
ADP Database, Salary and Fringe, & Systems Reporting,
Accounts Payable/Receivable
Tel: (212) 326-8462
Fax: (212) 326-8700
Tosha Taybron
Finance Specialist
Accounts payable, general finance questions, tuition and travel reimbursement.
Trisha Nakhul
Accounting Assistant
Accounts Payable / Receivables support
Tel: (212) 326-8462
Fax: (212) 326-8700
Hector Faris
Safety Specialist
Coordinates and maintains the Service Corporation safety program.
Staffing XPress Program
Dianelis Negron
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Staffing Xpress Program recruitment strategies and day to day program process oversight
Recruitment Administrative Assistant
Staffing Xpress Program onboarding process