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About Us

61st Street Service Corporation

The mission of the 61st Street Service Corporation is to provide service oriented Human Resource Management, Benefits and Payroll services to physicians, healthcare providers, and their faculty practices.  We strive to develop and implement policies that support and maintain a flexible workplace that is in compliance with all applicable federal, state  and local laws. With four decades in business, we continually strive to develop our employees by fostering an environment engrossed with opportunity for our employees to continually develop and succeed. 

Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, the Service Corporation continues to develop and retain a high performing and diverse workforce while fostering a healthy, safe, and productive work environment. We are committed to providing equal opportunity to all of our employees and applicants for employment. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Since 1982 the 61st Street Service Corporation has been committed to ensuring a progressive work environment. We continue to strive to build a workforce and workplace that is rich in diversity, equity and inclusiveness.

As an organization we will always stand by our commitment and we will continue to confirm to our employees our pledge to this initiative. Our consistent dedication to ensure proactive intercultural awareness throughout the workplace; one that treats all colleagues with respect by listening to different viewpoints, and ideas is the foundation to our guiding principles. We understand the value of a diverse workforce and know that together we can drive change and encourage an open dialogue amongst each other.

Location and Phone

590 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor,

New York, NY 10036

HR Office: (212) 326-8462

Benefits Office: (212) 326-3300

Payroll Office: (212) 326-3309

HR/Benefits Fax: (212) 326-8700

Payroll Fax: (212) 326-8855

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

8:00AM - 5:00PM